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With the Obalon balloon, you now have a non-surgical, reversible, weight loss option. It starts when you swallow a capsule containing a balloon attached to a thin tube.

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The Obalon Balloon is designed to offer a new revolutionary approach to weight loss.

Anyone who is overweight or obese and has been frustrated with the failure of diet and exercise programs may benefit from the Obalon Balloon. The Obalon Balloon jump starts the weight-loss journey, helping patients feel fuller faster so they consume less food. Unlike bariatric surgery or other invasive procedures, the Obalon Balloon offers a quick, discreet, non-surgical and fully reversible weight-loss solution.

Placement of the balloon takes about 5 minutes and only requires the patient to swallow a dissolvable capsule containing a balloon that is inflated in the stomach. A second balloon can be swallowed after two weeks if needed depending on the weight loss progress. At the end of the treatment period,the balloon is easily removed endoscopically with or without conscious sedation. Studies have shown that patients lost an average of 8.3% of their Total Body Weight and 50% of their Excess Body Weight over a 12-week treatment period.

Who is Eligible?

The Obalon Gastric Balloon is indicated for temporary weight loss in adults with a Body Mass Index (BMI) of 27 or greater and should be used in conjunction with a diet and behavior modification program.

BMI Categories:

  • Underweight =< 18.5
  • Normal weight = 18.5 – 24.9
  • Overweight = 25 – 29.9
  • Obesity = BMI of 30 or greater
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Obalon Advantages

Easy and fast :

  • The swallowable capsule contains the balloon and allows for easy administration without the need for sedation.
  • A thin catheter attached to the balloon facilitates inflation and rapid tube removal, leaving the inflated balloon behind, ready to work.
  • The Obalon balloon placement takes approximately 5 minutes leaving the patient free to go back to their daily activity.
  • At the end of the 12 weeks treatment period, all balloons should be removed and the removal takes approximately 5 minutes per balloon which can be done with or without conscious sedation.

Customizable :

  • Obalon Balloon features a flexible system which allows for the placement of more than one Balloon during the 3 month treatment period dependingon the patients feeling of fullness, tolerability and weight loss progress.

Well tolerated :

  • The Obalon Balloon weighs only 6 grams and resides at the top of the stomach; this allows the patient to feel full faster and eat less.
  • Clinical data demonstrates a well-tolerated treatment.

Placement and Removal Process

Placement :

Placement of the Obalon Balloon takes about 5 minutes per balloon. Under the doctor's supervision, the patient will drink a cup of water and swallow the capsule containing the folded balloon. Once the capsule reaches the stomach, it will dissolve and release the balloon.

The balloon is attached to a thin tube which allows the physician to inflate it once he confirms proper placement by a simple x-ray. After the balloon is inflated, the physician will release the tube from the balloon and gently remove it out of the mouth, leaving the balloon free-floating in the stomach. The patient is then free to go home or return to work. Based on the patient's feeling of fullness, tolerability and weight-loss progress, an additional balloon can be added after two weeks to increase the weight loss.

Removal :

At the end of the 12-week treatment period, the balloons are removed endoscopicallywith or without light sedation depending on the patient's desire. The entire removal procedure takes about five minutes per balloon. Treatment with the Obalon Balloon can be reversed at any time during the 12 weeks period, based on physician or patient request.

Patient's Area

The next three days:

Drink only clear liquids for the next 24 hours, such as (water, vitamin water, tea, broth, juice with no pulp)
Soft foods (non-fat yogurt, low-fat soups)
Slow introduction of your regular food, following the diet recommended by your doctor

Certain foods and activities to AVOID:

  • High-calorie foods/drinks
  • Scuba diving, non-commercial flying
  • Medicines that may upset your stomach, like aspirin and ibuprofen

The most common side-effects are:

  • Stomach cramping (usually within first two days of treatment)
  • Nausea (more likely during the first few days; some patients may experience vomiting in the first few days)

Your doctor will prescribe medications to help you manage side effects if necessary

Important information about your balloon treatment:

  • Your Doctor may add a second or a third balloon during the 3 month treatment time-frame
  • You will likely feel full faster when eating, however, you can achieve greater weight loss if you also eat a healthy diet and exercise during your 3 month Balloon treatment time
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